Welcome to the Spatial Humanities Incubator Group.

The Spatial Humanities Incubator Group will meet five times during the Fall semester 2012 to discuss the current state of spatial humanities and help group members conceptualize and begin planning their own projects. At the first two meetings, group members will evaluate and present on existing spatial humanities projects (drawn from those listed at http://anterotesis.com/wordpress/dh-gis-projects/ as well as non-GIS projects); at the remaining three meetings participants will begin drawing up preliminary concept descriptions and proposals for their own projects.

This group formed out of several conversations had at the RTP 2012 THATCamp, an unconference which was held September 15 at UNC. Funding to provide lunches during meetings of this group is generously provided by Semaphore, the Duke/UNC student-led media and technology working group.

We will be updating this site with notes and discussions of projects that we critique during meetings. Check back for updates.

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